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Evitalz is a telemedicine software that allows you to consult the patients at any circumstance in Land, Sea and even in Air. The Evitalz kit transmits data via Inmarsat’s FBB & Ka services, 3G/4G or 2G where available. This ability to share vital signs data in real time will allow the doctor to make an informed. Evitalz Kit includes sophisticated tracking software that’s compatible with nearly any Bluetooth-enabled medical device, so you can monitor a patient’s health from just about anywhere. This solution is an ideal for aircrew, Marine, and a patient who lives in the remote Location.

We are Certified as

ISO/IEC 27001.

ISO/IEC 27001.

HIPPA Certified

HIPPA Certified HIPPA Certified

GDPR Certified

GDPR Certified

Start up India

Start up India

We are Member of


International Maritime Health association.


International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth


Asia eHealth Information


Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association

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