Corporate Wellness

As a part of Employees Wellness Care program, Evitalz can be used for employees and see if anyone requires medical treatment.Reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and benefit the organization’s bottom line.” Preventive health strategies keep your employees well – physically, mentally, emotionally & don’t require exorbitant financial investments. Building a culture of health within your company can be an effective & measurable business strategy.

eVitalZ Kit Includes

Rugged Carry Case

Tablet PC


Pulse Oximeter

Blood Pressure Monitor

Glucose meter

Video streaming to doctor

Evitalz Smart Consult Software App


Quick Start Guide & Manual

evitalZ features and benefits

Display patient vital signs in real time

Lightweight and easily transportable

Low Bandwidth device(2.4 kbps dataspeed)

Secure login and data encryption

Captures and relays still and video images

Supports clinical decision-making

Optional Text Chat

Optional Video conferencing

Provides encrypted transmission by 3G/4G,GSM & Satellite .

Customised software and reporting